Do You Deserve Success?

IMG_20150421_001145If accomplishing our goals was easy, we’d all be successful. There’s a reason why it’s not easy, there’s a reason why it’s so hard, painful and challenging.

We all want to succeed in life, but not all of us deserve it. Not all of us will be able to handle it. The difficulty is part of the test to see if you have what it takes to be successful, it is a test designed to filter out the  losers from the winners.

Which one are you? What makes you think you deserve to be successful? Do you have the heart to withstand the pain, disappointments, resentments, delays and failures? What sets you apart from everybody else?
~ Thulani Vincent


Know your worth

InstagramCapture_b4e3cc2c-9427-431c-b686-317006c63045 (2).jpgNelson Mandela had 27 years of Introspection. He knew himself well enough not to second guess his every move.

We all have the opportunity to be as great or even more by investing on ourselves and working on improving our mindsets and acquiring more knowledge.

We are all capable of achieving more in life only if we believe in ourselves and understand our worth. Success is within your reach, just go out there and become the best you can be.
~Thulani Vincent

Become Your Own Hero

You have cried and suffered long enough. You’ve felt the pain, you know what it’s like to go to sleep on a hungry stomach. You are now used to the struggle, poverty is the term you are familiar with. Today I say Enough is Enough.

Stand up and claim what’s yours. Only you have the power to change what’s around you. No one is coming to rescue you, everyone is occupied with their own lives to be concerned with yours. Be the hero that you’ve been waiting for all along.

Make it your responsibility to progress, become irrational and logical isn’t the term to describe you, you are not normal and nothing is going to stop you because you are hungry to be better than the person you were yesterday. Visualise your impact.
~ Thulani VincentInstagramCapture_6d9a74dd-4e28-4547-a064-00e4e692291f.jpg

Do Your Actions Speak Louder Than Words?

There are usually two types of people, those who wish to live a better life and those who are working on bettering their lives. Those who believe that you get employed through connections and those who are out there making connections. You can Dream, Wish and Believe all you want, but if you don’t do anything about it, nothing is going to happen. Which one are you?
~ Thulani Vincent
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Dear Women…

May the courage that led our grandmothers in 1956 to stand up and say no to  inequality to also be realised within you, because the struggle isn’t over, it may be different from 1956 but the struggle continues.

As a man I may not completely understand what you are going through, but through my observations I know that you are met with difficulties each and every day of your lives, wether at work, home and even in your relationships.

Just like Dr Martin Luther King I have a dream that one day our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters may be seen and be treated as human beings by men and Not Objects that can Bought, Used, Abused, Harassed, Demoralised, Chewed and Spit out whenever they felt like it.

I have a dream that from today you’ll dress as you please without fear of being raped and blamed for your dress code.

You are beautiful. You are Unique. You are one of a kind. You are Special. You are cherished and loved. Happy Women’s Day💕💝💗
~ Thulani Vincent

The Day I Stopped Being Fake


The day I stopped trying to get people to like me is the day  people genuinely started to respect me. The day I stopped pretending and started to care is the day people started being honest with me.

The day I acknowledged and accepted my reality is the day my reality started to change. Change starts from within and a positive attitude is contagious.

If you want to change the world start with yourself and everything else will fall into place.
~ Thulani Vincent